Anonymous asked:

at school, my ex and his friends have started to hangout with my group again. but it's weird because I haven't talked to him since I dumped him after last year and all of a sudden he's hanging out with my group. he doesn't acknowledge or try to talk to me. I feel super uncomfortable tho and have mentioned it to my friends several times. but they don't do anything about tell them to leave. so I've found my self eating lunch alone. just feels like my friends prefer them and don't care about me :/

ourlittle-angels answered:

Hello dear!

I understand what you are going through, confront your friend, tell them that there not being good friends and how you feel. If you aren’t so up for that idea, try becoming friends with your ex, but make sure it’s clear you don’t want to get back together(unless you want too).

Good luck!
Mwa! 😘 -Sam